Independent Thatching Advice, Surveys & Insurance Reports

Independent Thatching Advice

We are Dorset’s only independant thatching advisor and offer our services throughout the UK

Insurance Reports

We can give you a full report on your thatch or one on a house you are interested in purchasing

Experienced Professional

We have over 36 years of thatching experience from running a thatcing company to training thatching apprentices

Welcome to Thatchwise

We are an independent company offering impartial advice on all aspects of thatched roofing. We have over 36 years expericence in the industry and ran the successful company Shire Thatch where we also trained several apprentices to our high standards.

The services we offer include impartial thatching advice, full thatched roof surveys and independent insurance reports.

Call us on 01747 811175 to find out how we can help you.